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DOT Clearinghouse Compliance Kit

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The DOT Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse is fully in effect! If you want to stay in compliance, this kit of information and tools will help you do that. Purcell Compliance LLC can help you with anything you need, so don’t hesitate to reach out!  

DOT Clearinghouse FAQs

What Is Clearinghouse? 

Clearinghouse is an online database of driver information that stores FMCSA drug and alcohol testing violations. It enables employers to identify drivers who have committed those violations and aren’t allowed to operate a commercial motor vehicle.  

Who Must Comply with It? 

Those with a DOT testing program under Part 382 must comply with the new DOT clearinghouse requirements.  

How Does the Final Rule Affect the Existing Drug and Alcohol Program Requirements? 

It doesn’t affect any of the regulations or DOT requirements already in place regarding drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.  

Are Prior Violations Included in the Clearinghouse Records? 

The Clearinghouse records contain information only regarding the violations that took place either on January 6, 2020, when the database was implemented or after that date.  

Can Drivers Correct Information in the Database? 

Yes, drivers can request corrections (§ 382.717). All drug and alcohol testing must follow the guidelines, which shouldn’t be defied or overruled.  

What Could Make Clearinghouse Compliance Easier? 

Referencing the resources will make it easier for you to make sure your company complies with DOT Clearinghouse.  

Can Purcell Compliance LLC Help? 

Yes, we can! We offer a wide selection of services and we have a team of regulatory experts that can make sure you comply. Purcell Compliance LLC can take care of all the requirements for you and save you a lot of time and effort.  

Should I Outsource My Drug and Alcohol Testing Program? 

It depends! If your drug and alcohol testing program is costing your company a lot more than expected or if it’s taking too much time and effort from your staff, you should consider it. If you’re considering outsourcing your drug and alcohol testing program, it will benefit you to work with a qualified third-party such as Purcell Compliance LLC.  

We Make Clearinghouse Compliance Easier 

Complying with the DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse can be quite stressful. Additionally, it can take a lot more time and effort if you’re doing it on your own.  

Here at Purcell Compliance LLC, we simplify compliance by setting you up with Clearinghouse experts that will guide you through the process.  

If you decide to work with us, we will: 
  • Report drivers’ drug and alcohol violations on your behalf. 
  • Teach drivers how to enter their information into the Clearinghouse database.  
  • Teach drivers how to fill out the registry on the Clearinghouse database. 
  • Ensure your DOT drug and alcohol policy is accurate and complete.  
  • Run limited queries on CDL drivers, as instructed by regulations.  
  • Run full queries based on the results of limited queries.  
  • Perform a thorough pre-employment check on potential new hires.  

Are you ready to get started and make sure your company is compliant with DOT Clearinghouse? Schedule a call here! 

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