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The New Entrant Audit and You

Are you starting a new trucking company? Then, you may need to pass the FMCSA New Entrant Audit. The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are in charge of enforcing motor carrier safety regulations. And all new carrier applicants must go through this New Entrant Audit within the first 18 months of obtaining their USDOT number.

The New Entrant Audit is a process the FMCSA uses to evaluate whether or not new carriers meet USDOT safety regulations. During the audit, an FMCSA representative reviews a carrier’s records related to safety management, financial responsibility, and hours of service compliance. The goal of the audit is to ensure that the carrier is operating safely and efficiently on the road.

If a carrier fails the New Entrant Audit, they must correct any deficiencies identified in a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) within 90 days. The CAP is a structured approach to fix any issues found during the audit. If a carrier fails to submit an acceptable CAP within 90 days or fails to pass the follow-up audit, the FMCSA can cancel the carrier’s USDOT number.

This is where Purcell Compliance Services comes in. Purcell Compliance Services specializes in helping carriers navigate the New Entrant Audit process. They will help you prepare for the audit and ensure compliance with the USDOT safety regulations. If a carrier fails the New Entrant Audit, Purcell Compliance Services also provides assistance in creating a CAP to fix any issues identified during the audit.

In addition to helping carriers prepare for and pass their New Entrant Audit, Purcell Compliance Services offers a variety of compliance services such as safety plan development, safety consultation, and DOT compliance reviews.

In conclusion, the FMCSA New Entrant Audit is a critical step for any new carrier. Failing the audit can lead to the cancellation of a carrier’s USDOT number. But with Purcell Compliance Services on your side, passing the audit and fixing any deficiencies identified in the CAP is possible. Contact Purcell Compliance Services today and let them help you get on the road to success.

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