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Meet Our Team


Alexxandar P.


Alex Purcell is the visionary CEO of Purcell Compliance Services, leading the company with a passion for excellence and a dedication to simplifying compliance for the transportation industry.

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Sylvia P.


Sylvia Purcell is the Co-founder of Purcell Compliance Services and the driving force behind the development of the USDOTapp, the company’s innovative app and compliance portal.

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Taylor T.

TPA & Random Manager

As the TPA, Randoms, and Clearinghouse Manager at Purcell Compliance Services, Taylor T. brings a wealth of expertise and experience in drug and alcohol testing management

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Shaz H.

Software Program Manager

With a passion for technology and a keen understanding of the complexities of the trucking industry, Shaz Hunain serves as the Software Program Manager for Purcell Compliance Services.

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Jared A

Executive Fleet Manager

As a highly trained expert in FMCSA and DOT regulations, Jared A. serves as the Executive Virtual Fleet Manager for Purcell Compliance Services.He oversees a team of dedicated Virtual Fleet Managers,

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Sami A.

Virtual Fleet Manager

the Virtual Fleet Manager who goes above and beyond to enhance the customer experience with the USDOTapp.


Max A.

Purcells’ exceptional Customer Relations Rep.

Max is your go-to person for personalized assistance, leaving no room for important questions to be handled by a chat bot.

Fatehyab M

SEO and Marketing Manager

As the SEO and Marketing Manager for Purcell Compliance Services LLC, Fatehyab M. brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company’s digital marketing efforts.

Roshan Q

Senior Information Security Consultant

As the Senior Information Security Consultant at Purcell Compliance Services, Roshan Q is responsible for safeguarding the company’s digital infrastructure and ensuring the highest level of protection for client information.

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