Get My Own Authority: Your Blueprint to Trucking Independence with Purcell Compliance

The hum of the engine, the stretch of the open road, and the sweet feeling of independence. For many truck drivers, there’s a dream that often brews as they clock miles for others: “I want to Get My Own Authority.” To finally be the master of their own voyage, to own a trucking company, and to break free from the constraints of driving under another’s flag. 

But let’s not steer around the facts. Embarking on the journey to “Get My Own Authority” is more than just a dream—it’s a detailed roadmap filled with important milestones. Need a USDOT number? Curious about how to get a DOT number? Or perhaps, feeling swamped with transportation compliance services requirements? We get it. The trucking industry, while filled with the promise of independence and profits, is equally dotted with compliances, requirements, and audits.  

Step-by-Step, Mile-by-Mile

Here’s the thing: launching your trucking venture isn’t just about getting behind the wheel of your own rig. It’s about:   

  1. Securing an **LLC**
  2. Obtaining an **EIN**
  3. Getting that all-important **USDOT#**
  4. Ensuring you’ve got the right **Insurance**
  5. Navigating the maze of **BOC 3**, **UCR**, **IFTA**, and **IRP Accounts**

And once you’ve checked these off, you’re on your way to having your Authority approved by the FMCSA, allowing you to cross state lines and embark on new journeys. But hold on, it’s not just about the company – it’s about ensuring you, the driver, are fully compliant too: 

– **Drug Testing** – because safety is paramount. 

– **Driver Records & Past Employment History** – a clear record paves the way. 

– **Clearinghouse Registration & Queries** – no surprises here. 

– **DOT Physicals, Medical Examiner’s Card, and Road Tests** – ensuring you’re fit for the road. 

– And, of course, enrolling in a **Randoms Program** – because continuous compliance is key.   

Now, there’s another stretch on this journey – the **New Entrant Audit**. It’s not just a formality; it’s a pivotal point. Pass it, and you’re on a clear road. Stumble, and you might end up on a Correction Action Plan, affecting your load options and, consequently, your earnings. We understand that brokers are your lifeline to the best-paying loads. A bad audit can limit these options, and for a fledgling company, this could mean shutting shop sooner than imagined. 

Purcell Compliance: Your Co-Driver on the Road to Independence

But here’s where Purcell, your one-stop shop for trucking needs, comes in. We don’t just guide you; we partner with you. From guiding you on how to get a DOT number, to standing by your side during the New Entrant Audit, we’ve got your back. With our 12-month compliance program, you won’t just be audit-ready, you’ll be set to thrive. Our guarantee? A journey without compliance hiccups, ensuring you focus on what you do best—driving and growing your business. 

Dreaming of “Get My Own Authority“? Let’s make it a reality. 🚚 Schedule a Consultation Today and let’s set the wheels in motion. 

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