Simplifying the Chaos: Purcell Compliance is Your Solution to Trucking Compliance Headaches

Hey there trucking pros, 

Running a fleet? Got a team of drivers under your wing? If you’re a trucking fleet manager, especially if you’re juggling a bigger team of 20 or more drivers, you know the drill. It’s a maze of paperwork, ticking clocks, and compliance deadlines that never seem to end. Especially if you’ve been in trucking your whole life, moved up the ranks, and decided to helm your fleet, things can get overwhelming real quick.    

And here’s the thing – the new year’s knocking on the door, which means it’s that time again. Driver files? They need a refresh. And with some places charging a whopping $100 for just that, without even covering the quarterly random drug tests, the costs start to add up. And it doesn’t stop there.    

Yearly USDOT Compliances – A Never-Ending Story?

Every quarter, there’s the IFTA filings. You’re looking at a bill that swings anywhere from $100 to $300. Then QT4 rolls around, bringing with it UCR filings. And based on how many trucks you got on the road, you’re shelling out another $100 to $200. Seems like the meter’s always running, doesn’t it?   

Now, let’s chat about growing your fleet. Vet a driver, and the costs start piling up even before they hit the road. From Pre-Employment Queries, Pre Employement drug testing, to setting up DOT driver files and those annual FMCSA driver compliance renewals, you could be out of pocket anywhere from $100 to a staggering $1,000 just getting one driver road-ready. And here’s the kicker: the more you spend, the less picky you get. End up with a not-so-great fit for your team, and their violations could slam your CSA safety score, meaning your loads pay less.   

Making Cents (and Dollars) of it All

Does all this sound a touch too chaotic? Like you’re bleeding cash left, right, and center with no end in sight? Enter Purcell Compliance Services – rated #1 on Kev’s Best. 

Here’s our deal: Everything you need, every single compliance, every check and balance, all under one roof. And the best part? One straightforward price. We even handle driver vetting, letting you pick the best of the bunch without breaking the bank. 

Freedom to Grow, Prosper, and Truck On

Think about it. No more juggling vendors, no more hidden costs, just one partner handling it all, letting you focus on what you do best – running your fleet and conquering those miles.    

Ready to drop the DOT compliance chaos and get back to the business of trucking? Ready to see your safety scores soar and your fleet flourish without those nagging DOT compliance worries?  

Purcell Compliance Services is your ticket to a more profitable, less headache-y trucking future. Let’s roll into this new era, where your bottom line gets the boost it deserves, and those compliance worries are a thing of the past.   

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